About me

Specialities: Portraits | Beauty | Maternity | Candid | Commercial Product | Events & Wedding Photography.

My Story

I remember the excitement I felt when I was getting my first business cards printed as a professional photographer. I had my logo, the design, the colors, and my slogan all set to go. I proudly showed the sample off to my wife. I was immediately thrown off by the puzzled look on her face. "I shoot people"?, she asked me. I simply answered yes. That is what I do. I shoot people. It didn't take her long to convince me that maybe I should go with something else. Maybe something that would avoid us getting strange calls in the middle of the night from people who wanted someone "taken care of".

Thanks in part to my lovely wife, I have come up with something that I think sums up what I do and what I love so much better. "You are so much more beautiful than you think". This is what I strive to show the people that I photograph each day. I love that I can show someone just how beautiful and perfect they are through my lens. I am inspired by the natural beauty of a woman. No matter their age, ethnicity, color, size, or shape, a woman carries a beauty and grace that I love to capture.

I always took an interest in photography but never thought of it as a career choice for me. It was more of a hobby. Growing up, my dad had three professional DSLR cameras, some lenses, and some other cool looking stuff. I had no clue what they were. I would later come to find that they were called filters. My father was not a photographer, but he liked collecting the equipment. Since I was never allowed to touch the cameras, I desperately wanted one of my own. My mother bought me my first point and shoot camera when I was a teenager. As soon as I got my hands on it, I was hooked. People would look at the pictures I was taking and tell me that I had an eye for photography and should consider taking it more seriously. It wasn't until I moved to the U.S. that I thought of professional photography as a possibility. I started taking pictures of everything. Landscapes, family events, outings, people, and candid shots. It became more than a hobby. It became what I was passionate about. There was no where you would see me without my camera, and that still stands true today.

With that being said, I am a professional photographer located in the New York/ New Jersey area, living with my wife, Son and our two fluffy Persians.